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Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris (MDB)
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (SDB)

photo: SDB iris Zooboomafoo (Black 2007)

In the following list the name of the iris variety is shown first, then in brackets the hybridizer's name and the year of introduction, followed by the written description of the variety, then height, time of bloom during season, awards received and price.
Most of the time we will try to have a photo of the iris ...follow the links with the photo symbol to see the images.

updated May 19, 2014 ...more photos and more plants!

Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris (MDB)
Up to 8 inches in height. Smallest and earliest iris to flower, they make good/excellent rock garden and border plants.

ALPINE LAKE (Willott 1981) this little iris is usually the very first iris to flower here every year, clean white standards, light bright blue falls. ...and 2014 was no exception, this was first to flower again. CWM1989 $5.00

Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (SDB)
From 8 to 15 inches in height. Also wonderful for rock gardens and borders, they form very nice clumps of color within a year or two.
The SDB's flower just after the MDB's to continue the iris bloom season.

ABSOLUTE JOY (Aitken 2006) $6.00
ADVANCE DESIGN (Jones 1994) Peach pink standards, orange falls banded yellow. HM1996 $5.00
BABY BLESSED (Zurbrigg 1979) Light yellow with white spot around beard. NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Bad Intentions (Black 2009) Super classy, moderately ruffled flowers have dark red black standards with a satin finish and styles are same color. Darker, velvety red black falls are decorated with dark purple beards frosted an interesting dark bronze brown. Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE (Black 2007) this is the evolution of many generations since the debut of Tu Tu Turquoise in 1989 to obtain that same turquoise color but with better shaped flowers and more vigorous growth. Bombay Sapphire is very close to that goal. The road to that goal presented many challenges including seedlings with only one or two buds, Bombay Sapphire has three. Tightly formed flowers are sky blue tinted turquoise. Falls have large turquoise spots that lighten toward edges, beards are sky blue. 13" (33 cm) $8.00
BUTTERSCOTCH CARPET (Chapman 1994) CANADA Closed yellow-tan standards, Falls dark butterscotch with narrow yellow-tanedge and lines in throat. Yellow orange beard with yellow ends. Quickly forms clumps and a carpet of bloom that lasts for over two weeks. tiny gold flecks can be seen in bright sun. flowers seem to glow in certain lighting. Late season 10" (26cm) $6.00
CACHET (Black 2000) $6.00
CAN'T WAIT (Black 2000) $6.00
CHUBBY CHEEKS (Black 1985) All time classic great. Fine cream plicata, stitched with soft violet. CD1991 $5.00
CLEVER (Johnson 2007) $8.00
Color Blind (T.Johnson 2010) It is so blazingly bright, it might make you go Color Blind. Vibrant apricot standards color is repeated in narrow bands around showy maroon falls. Rusty apricot hafts help highlight heavily saturated orange beards. Interesting half plicata parentage should be fun to exploit for interesting colors and plicata patterns. Late 10” (25cm) $10.00
COUNTING SHEEP (Aitken 1999) Having returned from New Zealand, the land of 3 million people and 60 million sheep, this name came easily. This plant produces clouds of white flowers with pleasantly rounded and ruffled petals. The hafts have a smooth small wash of ochre yellow and the beards are afrosty light violet. This plant carries 3 buds to a stem and makes rapid clumps. Mid-season 12" (30cm) $6.00
DARK VADER (Miller 1987) Ruffled black-violet with bushy blue beards. CD1993 $6.00
ERAMOSA SKIES (Chapman 1996) CANADA A smooth sky blue self. Beard light violet blue. Wide flowers with good form. Good garden presence, consistently catches the attention of garden visitors. Considered by many to be the bluest iris available. Midseason 13" (33cm) $5.00
ERAMOSA SNOWBALL (Chapman 1999) CANADA an exceptionally pure white self including beard. This white is a recessive glaciata from plicata breeding. This is a special genetic combination that produces exceptional pure colour. Wide, flared and lightly ruffled. Long bloom season.ML 11" (28cm) $6.00
EXTRATERRESTRIAL (Smith 2008) $8.00
Eye of Sauron (Black 2009) unique to say the least. Mid steely violet blue standards blend to paler violet gray margins. Similarly colored falls have very round eyes (spots) of dark charcoal plum with greenish cream lightning bolts on each side and wide stripes at ends of orange to white beards. Beautiful round form. Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Eye of the Tiger (Black 2008) In the dark of the night appears the red glint of Eye Of The Tiger. Ruffled, buff-gold flowers have large garnet fall spots. Buff-gold rays fan out over hafts, beards are bright orange. Eye Of The Tiger demands attention. Midseason-Late 15.5” (40cm) $8.00
Fidget (T.Johnson 2009) A network of fine dark blue veins overlays ruffled claret purple standards. Deeply ruffled dark black cherry falls have wide, blended iridescent claret bands. Neon orange beards are laid over a violet base, making them seem even more intense. Vigorous, healthy growth creates colorful clumps full of bloom stalks. Midseason 12” (30cm) $9.00
Fires of Fiji (Black 2003) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
FIRESTORM (M. Smith 1994) A small plicata bonfire to warm the early season. The standards are nearly solid burgundy, fading to buff, washed burgundy at outside center. Interior midrib is yellow, dotted burgundy. The chrome yellow falls are heavily lined and washed port wine, becoming solid port wine at the rims. Bushy old gold beards, ruffled and 2-3 buds. Early 13" (33cm) AM1998 $6.00
FROSTED OLIVES (Jones 1977) Medium blue standards, falls light yellow with a light blue beard. NOT AVAILABLE 2014
GREENSPOT (Cook 1951) a classic, white with a dark green spot on the falls. $5.00
HOTTENTOT (Smith 1995) An engaging little fellow, it has silky dark bramble violet standards and smoldering fluorite violet velvet ruffled falls. This is highlighted by snappy frosted lavender-blue beards. Flowers float above compact foliage. A finely proportioned, durable little plant, it will thrive in the more severe climate east of the Cascade mountains. Early mid-season 12" (30cm) HM1997 $6.00
Ignite (Black 2009) blazing dark orange beards are sure to Ignite a bright spot in your garden. Light violet standards blend to apricot peach margins. Cinnamon lined and dotted hafts decorate peach to apricot falls.$9.00
Intergalactic (Black 2008) In Intergalactic space, there is little to interfere with the clarity of color. Intergalactic has a color intensity and clarity rarely seen in plicatas. Eye-popping canary yellow flowers have standards almost entirely sanded and dotted light brown. Ochre-gold beards add a bit of warmth. Intergalactic will make a stellar addition to your garden. Early-Midseason 13” (33cm) $8.00
JUICED UP (Chapman 2003) CANADA Colour! Gold standards with small red spot at base. Falls and beard intense orange-juice yellow. Blooms for three to four weeks. Can rebloom in warmer climates. Early season 14" (36cm) $6.00
JUICY TIDBIT (Black 2008) minimal plicata has medium pinkish apricot standards rimmed gilt apricot. Horizontally flared and ruffled falls are apricot cream with darker greenish apricot hafts and wide, diffuse band. There is a small plum plicata sanded area at end of hafts. Clear tropical tangerine beards are a fitting adornment for the Juicy Tidbit. Early-Midseason 14” (36cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Kaching (Black 2009) a dynamic and wonderful creation. Perfectly formed and precisely ruffled flowers are light sulfur yellow. Standards have burgundy stitching around edges, sparse dotting over centers and up midribs. Saddle shoe burgundy plicata hafts quickly transition to minimal plicata bands. Fascinating styles are dark wine. Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) $9.00
KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS (Jones 1971) A longtime popular iris, lime green with blue beards. CD1979 NOT AVAILABLE 2014
KIWI SLICES (Niswonger 1990) Chartreuse with with burgundy splash on falls. $6.00
KLlNGON PRINCESS (Chapman 1997) CANADA Very wide and very ruffled, flared flowers with strong substance. Standards are a yellowish khaki with violet midribs and wash. Falls a yellowish khaki changing to citrine yellow at edge and in throat, dusty violet beard, bronze tips. One tough warrior princess. Mid-season 9" (23cm) $7.00
LIMESICLE (Chapman 2000) CANADA Fluorescent pale green self glaciata; pale green self including beard. The color is about the same as the green fluorescent glow as glow in the dark toys and nightlights. Good round form, flared and lightly ruffled. A very smooth color. Receives a lot of attention in the garden. 12" (30cm), Midseason $7.00
Looney (T.Johnson 2007) Brassy gold marked and washed dark wine-rose overall. Superb form. Standards dark rose-wine washed dark brass around edges and lower midrib; style arms gold; fall hafts around beard dotted caramel, dark rose-wine spot below, wide brassy caramel border that narrows at hafts; beards old gold; ruffled; sweet fragrance. 14" (36 cm) Late season $7.00
MEOW (Black 2008) Open standards are medium lavender-blue and styles more violet. Falls are medium violet with large red-violet blended spots that are kitty-whisker veined darker. Beards are bright yellow ending in short violet-white darts. Meow is very round, sprightly and sure to please. Midseason-Late 15” (38cm) $8.00
MINIDRAGON (Smith 1998) This fierce little fire-beard is no myth. Port wine to garnet silk standards with slightly darker, ruffled velvet falls. Thick flame hot beards. Color is slightly blacker in more acidic soil, 3-4 buds. Mid-season 13" (33cm) $6.00
MOMENT (Blyth 1987) Apricot standards, falls deep apricot brown, tangerine beard. vigorous grower. $5.00
Ninja Turtles (Aitken 2008) $8.00
Nosferatu (Black 2010) Nosferatu has burning hues that are quite unique. Indian red standards have a shimmering satin sheen as any vampire cloak should. Falls are the same but with a bit more yellow that sets them aflame. Near-black spots draw you nearer to danger. Glowing orange gold beards seal your fate. It is a favorite among garden visitors. Some in this color range burn in the sun but not this one.
Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) $10.00
OLADI (Blyth 1987) Pastel apricot with a lavender-blue beard. $5.00
Open Your Eyes (Black 2010) Open Your Eyes demands your attention with its clear, clean color contrast. A clump of it is breathtaking. Pristine white flowers have big, inky dark blue eyes that seem to stare at you. Fast growing and free flowering. Another MUST have.
Midseason-Late 15” (38cm) $10.00
Orange Smash (Johnson 2010) Just when you thought those big orange beards couldn’t get any larger than they are on Yahtzee, along comes Orange Smash. Brassy mid gold falls are topped by bright yellow gold standards. Huge, plush, chenille beards are completely and totally saturated dark orange. WOW! What a fabulous clump it makes. Midseason-Late 15” (38cm) $10.00
ORANGE TIGER (Jones 1988) Showy vivid orange with red beard and good form! CD1994 $5.00
Pawn (Black 2010) Pawn may be little but it has a big impact as a garden subject. It also represents a push to create exciting bicolors like we have in TBs. Standards are mid slate blue. Iridescent mid red-purple falls have narrow slate lavender bands. Neon orange over white beards are a bright strategy. Makes a very tidy clump full of stalks. Midseason 14” (36cm) $10.00
PEACH PETAL PIE (Niswonger 1992) Ivory with pink infusion, wide with good substance. NOT AVAILABLE 2014
PELE (Aitken 1993) Bright orange with violet fall spot and coral beard. Unique. AM1997 NOT AVAILABLE 2014
PINK PREVUE (Jones 1991) Rich peach pink blending to salmon. NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Raspberry Tiger (Black 2009) Dark raspberry rose standards are finely veined darker. A webbing of near black veins is shot over entire dark raspberry maroon falls, ending at mid raspberry rose margins. White beards are brushed bright orange and end in short white darts. Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) $9.00
ROYAL OVERTIME (Chapman 2000) CANADA Dark royal purple with large red-purple spot on the falls that is red-black around the light violet beard. Ruffled, well formed flower with domed standards. Early season 11" (28cm) $5.00
SAMSON (Aitken 1994) One of the delightful surprises that can occurr when out crossing plicatas, Samson showed up in a block of seedlings from Sam. This is a highly floriferous little fellow, with smoothly applied amber gold color and a deeper flush on the hafts, 4 buds.. Early midseason 10" (26cm) HM1996 $6.00
SAPPHIRE GEM (Schmelzer 1975) Light blue self, makes nice clump.$5.00
Scream (Johnson 2006) Beautiful formed screaming canary yellow including beards. Definitely not just another ordinary yellow. $6.00
SEA MONSTER (Miller 1993) Sky blue standards, flared olive green falls and a blue beard. NOT AVAILABLE 2014
SKYDANCER (Sylvia Chapman 1997) CANADA cool white with small yellow spot on fall and violet beards. Sharp clear colors, good form, two branches and four flowers per stalk. Hybridized by Sylvia Chapman when she was six years old. Mid-season 13" (33cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
SPIRIT GUIDE (Chapman 2003) CANADA ruffled and wide form, standards washed violet on light tan ground; falls tan, yellow veined hafts and rim, center blended violet and tan wash; beards dark yellow hair tips, base white; Early Midseason 13" (33cm) $7.00
STARBABY (M. Smith 1993) Snowy white ground plicata, edged dark royal purple. AM1997 $6.00
Sweet and Innocent (T.Johnson 2010) a perfect name for such a beautiful iris. The bright mid yellow color of standards and styles repeats in a narrow band around snow white falls. Soft yellow to white beards are in keeping with the softer quality of Sweet and Innocent. Sparkling clean clumps. Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) $10.00
Tasman Sea (Johnson 2010) as beautiful, clear and blue as the sea it is named for. Tasman Sea is clear mid blue with darker texture veins and sightly darker spot on falls. Styles have very definite turquoise shadings as do the texture veins. Interesting beards are half orange and half frosted blue. Makes a very pretty clump. Mid-season 14” (36cm) $10.00
TORCHY (Shoop 1989) Very bright orange with a red beard. $5.00
Twitter (Johnson 2009) a glaciata but on rare occasion there is a light brown haze around the standards. Ruffled standards are bright canary yellow that pale slightly toward edges. Curly ruffled falls are bright canary yellow washing inward to large white spots surrounding yellow orange to white beards. Mid-season 12” (30 cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Warm and Fuzzy (T.Johnson 2010) It is like a coveted security blanket, all Warm and Fuzzy. Standards are mid to light peach pink. Styles are mid peach-pink. Falls are warm brownish pink with tangerine to light blue beards set between light apricot pink hafts. Early 11” (28cm) $10.00
WEE GRANNY SMITH (Chapman 2005) CANADA The green color of this is not quite captured in the photo. Excellent flower form and substance in this child of Klingon Princess. The chartreuse green is contrasted nicely with the violet-blue beard. Early Mid-season10" (26cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Zaftig (Black 2010) This enticing little iris is deliciously plump with everything in just the right place and with loads of personality. Standards are slate violet. Very round falls are grayed purple with wide slate violet bands. Orange beards give it that special touch. $10.00
Zap (Black 2004) Dark claret and cherry black bitone with bright yellow beards. $6.00
Zooboomafoo (Black 2007) standards are clear medium yellow with interesting burgundy veins low inside. Round and ruffled paler yellow falls are veined and washed dark burgundy to within about 1/4 inch of the edge leaving yellow bands, an exotic touch of bright orange beards. 14" (36 cm) Midseason-Late $7.00