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Miniature Tall Bearded Iris (MTB)
Intermediate Bearded Iris (IB)
Border Bearded Iris (BB)

photo: Star in the Night (Black 2009)

In the following list the name of the iris variety is shown first, then in brackets the hybridizer's name and the year of introduction, followed by the written description of the variety, then height, time of bloom during season, awards received and price.

Most of the time we will try to have a photo of the iris ...follow the links with the photo symbol to see the images.

updated May 19, 2014 ...we will add some more descriptions and photos to this group as these irises bloom.

Miniature Tall Bearded Iris (MTB)
From 16 to 25 inches in height. These have dainty flowers on thin and graceful stems. Often called "table iris" these are well suited for cut flowers. Flower with IB's and TB's.

BANGLES (Miller 1995) $5.00


Intermediate Bearded Iris (IB)
From 16 to 27 inches in height. Flower after the SDB’s but before the TB’s.

LILLIPINKPUT (Geddes Douglas 1960) This is a rare cultivar. Registered as an IB in the AIS checklist it is actually SDB height 12" (30 cm), and most catalogs from the 1960s categorize this as an intermediate iris. Golden-apricot self, tangerine beard. Midseason late bloom. Awards: High Commendation 1959; Honorable Mention 1969, Sass Award 1964, Sass Medal 1967 $7.00
Bering Sea (Marky Smith 2004) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
HONEY GLAZED (Niswonger 1983) $6.00
Oblivion (Marky Smith 2003) 6.00
Starwoman (Marky Smith 1998) The SDB Starbaby grown up to a beautiful teen. Standards are very deep royal purple with faint lavender-gray marks edging deepest purple midribs. Falls have pearl ground with 1/2 inch dark royal violet rimsand center median stripe. Inner falls are dashed and stitched dark violet, 7-8 buds. 25" (64cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014
Star in the Night (Black 2009) What a breathtaking sight a clump of Star in the Night makes! Darkness descends as dark blue purple standards turn to inky blue black falls. White beards laid over violet bases shine brightly. Flowers are gently ruffled so as not to diminish the simple beauty of Star in the Night. Muted white rays amplify that brightness. Clean, healthy plants support bountiful stalks with 2 branches and 6-7 buds.Spectacular garden show. Midseason- Late 25” (63cm) NOT AVAILABLE 2014


Border Bearded Iris (BB)
From 16 to 27 inches in height. Flower at the same time as the TB’s. Usually more resistant to wind an rain than TB’s

JUNGLE SHADOWS (Sass-Graham1960) $7.00
Darktop Strutter (Aitken 2006) $7.00