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Siberian Iris

Erin Mills Iris Garden
3070 Windwood Drive
Ontario   L5N 2K3


Siberian Iris:

The Siberian Irises are for display only. (occasionally we may have a some Siberians available to purchase as potted plants, if available these would available for pick-up only at the garden)

We are a member of the Canadian Iris Society (CIS), the American Iris Society (AIS) and the Society for Siberian Irises (SSI) and a registered Siberian Iris Society (SSI) display garden. Enjoy!

Siberian Iris (SIB)  typically range in size from 24 to 36 inches. A very good landscaping garden plant. Narrow foliage in an established clump situation looks good all season long and provides a similar effect as ornamental grasses but with the extra bonus of flowers. These are low maintenance, more or less permanent plantings taking two to three years to develop a clump. Excellent for flower arranging.

The Society for Siberian Irises, a section of the American Iris Society, exists for the culture, enjoyment and improvement of Siberian Irises.
If you wish to visit their website please follow this link: Society for Siberian Irises (SSI)

photo above left: STRAWBERRY FAIR clump
photo above right: Strawberry Fair close-up


photo above: BLUEBERRY FAIR clump

Siberian Iris: Over in Gloryland

photo above left: BLUEBERRY FAIR closeup
photo above right: OVER IN GLORYLAND closeup

Some of our garden plants: The Siberian Irises are for display only. Enjoy.

BAND OF ANGELS (Hollingworth 1996)
BANISH MISFORTUNE (Schafer-Sacks 1999)
BLACKBERRY JUBILEE (Schafer-Sacks 1997)
BLUEBERRY FAIR (Hollingworth 1997)
CAESAR'S BROTHER (Morgan 1932)
Cape Cod Boys (Schafer-Sacks 2009)        
CORONATION ANTHEM (Hollingworth 1990)
COUNTESS CATHLEEN (Schafer-Sacks 1997)
Cream of Tomato (Schafer-Sacks 2011)
ESTHER C.D.M. (McGarvey 1982)
Fond Kiss (Schafer-Sacks 1999)
HELICOPTER (Shidara 1988)
Humors of Whiskey (Schafer-Sacks 2007)              
JUST CRUISING (Schafer-Sacks 2001)
LADY VANESSA (Hollingworth 1985)
MISS APPLE (Schafer-Sacks 2009)
MOONSILK (Stahly 1991)
NEW MOWN HAY (Schafer-Sacks 2008)
OFF SHE GOES (Schafer-Sacks 1998)
OVER IN GLORYLAND (Hollingworth 1993)
PENNYWHISTLE (Schafer-Sacks 2000)
RED ROYALE (RBG-Pearson 1991)
RIVERDANCE (Schafer-Sacks 1997)
Ruffled Romp (Schafer-Sacks 2007)     
Sandy River Belle (Schafer-Sacks 2011)
Ships are Sailing (Schafer-Sacks 1998)      
STRAWBERRY FAIR (Hollingworth 1994)
SUN COMES UP (Schafer-Sacks 2009)
SUNFISHER (Schafer-Sacks 2003)
Sweeter Still (Schafer-Sacks 2011)     
TEMPER TANTRUM (McGarvey 1986)
TREE OF SONGS (Schafer-Sacks 2006)
TRIM THE VELVET (Schafer-Sacks 1995)
Trip to Paris (Schafer-Sacks 2009)              
Uncorked (Schafer-Sacks 2002)  
White Amber (Schafer-Sacks 2001)             
WINDWOOD SPRING (Hollingworth 1985)

photo: TREE OF SONGS (Schafer-Sacks 2006)