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Tall Bearded Iris: 

Tall Bearded iris are the gorgeous kings/queens of the Iris world, some with magnificent 6 inch blooms displayed on stems over 27 inches high. These later-blooming iris flowers are available in every color of the spectrum and include an incredible variety of color patterns and combinations.

photo: the tall bearded iris Celebration Song (Schreiner 1993)

In the following list the name of the iris variety is shown first, then in brackets the hybridizer's name and the year of introduction, followed by the written description of the variety, then height, time of bloom during season, awards received and price.

Most of the time we will try to have a photo of the iris ...follow the links with the photo symbol to see the images.

March 16, 2013 still in progress adding/updating the available 2013 varieties... check back again :-)

Tall Bearded Iris (TB)
Over 27 inches in height these are spectacular and showy with their large blooms. Flower in late May, early June here in southern Ontario. Bloom time may be slightly different where you live but regardless on your location the timing is relative to the other types.

ANCASTER BLUE RUFFLE (McMillen 1993) A Canadian introduction, named by the city of Ancaster, Ontario to celebrate their bicentennial, standards are frosted blue, darker in the middle fading to near white at the edges, falls are deep blue-violet with a quarter inch frosted light blue edge, yellow beards with brushed blue tips. H=36 S=EM $6.00
AUTUMN LEAVES (Keppel 1974) Autumn seasonal tones of caramel and rose brown with yellow at the base of the standards and an orange-yellow beard, the falls are permeated with maroon and with brown edges H=35 S=M HM1975 AM1977 $6.00
CASCADE SPRINGS (Schreiner 1994) ruffled flowers, standards are a blue-lavender wash and falls are blue-white with a blue-lavender washed center, beard are light blue and frost tipped. H=39 S=M HM1996 $6.00
celebration song (Schreiner 1993) A bicolour, with the colour of the apricot-pink standards flowing down onto the hafts of the blue lavender falls, nice bright tangerine beards. H=37  S=EML HM1995 AM1997 WM2000 DM2003 $6.00
CHEESECAKE (Gaulter 1984) Luscious flesh pink with a white area in the centre of the falls, apricot hafts and coral beards. photo below. H=34 S=M $6.00
CINNAMON GIRL (Schreiner 1987) A rosy cinnamon coloured plicata with good substance on strong stems. H=35 S=E $6.00
web bulletCOLOR CODED (Rawlins 1982) Standards are light blue and the falls are an intense black violet creating a spectacular contrast. H=30 S=ML $6.00
COVER STORY (Bellagamba 1985) Delicate creamy tones, the rich ivory white overall colour deepens to a very pale yellow at the shoulders and at the edges of the falls. H=34 S=M $6.00
DUSKY CHALLENGER (Schreiner 1986) Silky rich dark purple gem, impeccable ruffled form and beautiful branching. H=39 S=ML HM1988 AM1990 DM1992 $6.00
ENCHANTED WORLD (Schreiner 1979) Luscious bright rose pink, beards are deep rose shrimp, well branched. H=36 S=M  HM $6.00
FALL FIESTA (Schreiner 1992) strikingly different amoena has ruffled falls that are finished in sonorous amber-tan tones which perfectly complement the white standards. Golden beards harmonize with the softer yellow tints of the style arms and midribs. A guaranteed show-stopper, each stem bears 7-9 buds, some triple-socketed.  H=36 S=ML $6.00

FOOTLOOSE (Schreiner 1993) usually one of the first tall bearded iris to bloom, 8-10 buds extend the bloomtime through to midseason, rich rose-violet plicata markings contrast the pristine white ground color, gentle ruffling adds to the effect. H=36 S=VE HM1995 $6.00
FULL TIDE (O.Brown 1972) Beautiful wisteria blue, a long time favorite. H=36 S=ML HM1973 AM1976 $6.00
HONKY TONK BLUES (Schreiner 1988) A very ruffled flower with a novel blend of shades of blue and white. H=37 S=M HM1990 AM1992 WM1994 DM1995 $6.00
IMMORTALITY (Zurbrigg 1982) a ruffled pure white self with medium sized flowers, light lemon yellow beards, shorter stems with close branching, a very vigorous grower and a noted reblooming iris under suitable conditions. H=29  S=M  HM1986 AM1990 $6.00
JESSE’S SONG (Williamson 1983) ruffled form, plicata color pattern, centres solid white with bands of violet peppering around the falls, standards more solidly coloured violet, exceptionally fine branched stem with 7-8 buds. H=35 S=EM HM1985 AM1987 DM1990 $6.00
LACED COTTON (Schreiner 1980) A heavily laced clean white iris, a very faint tint of lavender orchid when flowers first open but later fades away to pure white. H=36 S=ML HM1982 AM1984 $6.00
LIME FIZZ (Schreiner 1969) A sparkling lime-yellow, ruffled and laced.  H=35 S=E HM1970 AM1972 $6.00
LOCAL COLOR (Keppel 1996) extraordinary dark violet-black bitone, the luxurious rich violet color on the standards is repeated as a narrow band on the blackish red falls, bright tangerine beards provide a spectacular contrast. H=40 S=M HM1998 AM2000 WM2002 $6.00

MAGHAREE (Blyth 1986) Outstanding pink amoena. Standards pearl white flushed with pink at the midribs, falls are deep salmon pink with white around the edges, bright tangerine beards. H=36 S=ML $6.00
SUMMER OLYMPICS (R.G. Smith 1976) ruffled lime-yellow flowers that are often first to bloom in the season, center of falls pale to white around matching yellow beards. Puts on a nice long showand a good grower. H=30 S=EM $6.00

SUPERSTITION (Schreiner 1977) Dark inky black self with a hint of maroon deep within. H=36 S=M  HM1978 AM1981 $6.00
SWAZI PRINCESS (Schreiner 1978) A superlative dark iris with uniform indigo-black colour overall. Stems with two to three branches and 8-9 nicely spaced buds. H=36 S=M HM80 AM84 $6.00
THORNBIRD (Byers 1989) dark violet horns extending from the beards, ecru and greenish tan shades are lighter in the standards and darker in the falls, a prolific bloomer that often yields more than one stem per rhizome. H=37, S=ML, HM1991, AM1993, WM1996, DM1997  $6.00
TIDE'S IN (Schreiner 1983) One of the finest ever light celestial blue irises. A beautiful overall light blue flower on stems having well spaced branching and 8-9 buds. H=36 S=EM HM1985 AM1987 $6.00
TIGER BUTTER (Ernst 1986) beautiful ruffled form with golden amber standards above bright swami red falls, a complimentary gold border and orange beards. H=36 S=ML-L $6.00
UNFORGETTABLE FIRE (Schreiner 1991) uniformly brilliant dark red, rich velvet texture, gracefully arched standards, flaring ruffled falls, vigorous grower. H=40 S=EM $6.00
VIGILANTE (Schreiner 1991) this iris makes a powerful garden statement, flaring and ruffled falls are smoothly colored in an extremely deep black-maroon, buttercup-caramel colored standard offer a splash of yellow, superb stems display 8-13 flowerseach from double and triple socketed buds. H=34 S=M HM1993 AM1995 $6.00


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