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Internet Iris Links
(updated February 22, 2015)

To explore the world of irises further on the Internet check some of the sites listed below. 

With respect to linking to other sites, the goal is not to provide links to every possible site, but to point only to sites that are worthy of revisiting on a regular basis due to interest, strong content and/or frequent updating. To request the addition of your iris related link here on this page, please send an e-mail note to the CIS website administrator: cdniris@gmail.com  Be sure to include your URL and name of organization.  Enjoy!  

Due to the length of this listing it is now divided into the following sections for easier navigation. (click on the link of your interest below to go directly there or just start at the top and take your time to scroll through and explore all the links)

Other Iris Societies
Iris Information
Commercial Iris Sources
General Gardening Interest
Art and Culture

Other Iris Societies: 

The American Iris Society (AIS) has an informative official web site. The American Iris Society is a nonprofit institution incorporated February 2, 1927, in the County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania. By the terms of the Charter, the Corporation has no stockholders and exists for the sole purpose of promoting the culture and improvement of the Iris.

The Society for Siberian Irises (SSI) The Society for Siberian Irises (SSI), a section of the American Iris Society, was organized in 1960 by and for people who love, grow and want to learn more about Siberian irises. The membership includes plant scientists, hybridizers, commercial growers but mostly folks who just appreciate superior garden plants.

The Aril Society International (ASI) for those with an interest in aril and aril-bred type irises. Aril irises are native to the Middle East and grow in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and some southern republics of the former Soviet Union. Botanically, they are members of the Oncocyclus and Regelia subsections of the genus Iris.

The Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS) is an organization for those that have an interest and appreciation of older varieties of iris.  

The Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA) is dedicated to the study of the wild species of the genus Iris and related irids in order to promote a wider appreciation of these plants and their hybrids as garden ornamentals. SIGNA furthers species iris introduction and distribution through a seed exchange while supporting their conservation in the wild. 

The Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris (SPCNI) works to further knowledge and horticultural value of the beautiful irises that grow wild along the North American Pacific Coast.

The Dwarf Iris Society (DIS) is devoted to promoting interest in and development of the dwarf bearded category of irises.

Iris Information: 

North American Native Iris  Information on the many species of iris native to North America. This specialty website provides information on these interesting and beautiful wildflowers. Shows distribution by state/province, links to descriptions and some excellent quality photos. 

Iris Home Page - A description of the Genus Iris and related genera. A list of national and international iris societies. A bibliography for irises: books, proceedings, monographs, and periodicals. Lots of general iris info, lots of links. 

Iris-Talk List - Iris-Talk is an internet mailing list functioning by e-mail devoted to the discussion of garden irises. Both experienced irisarians and beginners are welcome. If you grow, breed, or study irises, or just want to join the conversation, you are invited to subscribe.  Visit our CIS page on this topic or the John I. Jones website to find out all the details on how to join in (or just listen to) the friendly discussion.
For full details go to our CIS webpage on how to join Iris Talk

Commercial Iris Sources: The links below are provided as a convenience and are external links to private business concerns, a listing here does not imply any endorsement or responsibility by the Canadian Iris Society (CIS).

Canadian Sources: These suppliers are located in Canada and ship within Canada. Some may ship outside of Canada, inquire with them directly for availability of any export shipping options.

Alan McMurtrie - specialist hybridizer and grower of; Reticulata, Juno and Species Iris, pricelist free.
Websites: www.reticulatas.com  www.junos.ca  www.irises.ca

Chuck Chapman Iris a commercial iris garden located near Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Chuck Chapman iris introductions and a very wide selection of various types of irises. Ships worldwide via Canada Post and USPS.

Erin Mills Iris Garden - Providing fine quality iris to the discriminating gardener. Small mail-order Canadian grower/distributor located in southern Ontario. Selection of newer Dwarf, Median and Tall Bearded irises. Siberian iris display garden. ...website is currently being updated to 2015 information.

Trails End Iris Gardens  Trails End Iris Gardens, shipping across Canada, Bob and Ann Granatier are commercial growers who specialize in award winning bearded iris. General public welcome to view demonstration gardens during May and June at their location in southern Ontario.

Walnut Gardens  a small nursery located in south-western Ontario, Canada, between London and Sarnia, offering several hundred different varieties of Hostas, Dayliles and Iris.

USA Sources: These suppliers are located in USA. They may or may not ship to Canada, inquire with them directly for the availability of shipping to Canada. Usually there are substantial extra costs and layers of difficulty involved to ship plants from USA to Canada.

Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden  Catalog with over 1000 varieties, including Tall Bearded, Medians, Japanese, Siberians, PCIs, and others. New iris introductions from the following iris hybridizers: Terry Aitken, Bennet Jones, Carla Lankow, Marky Smith.

Mid-America Garden  Paul Black and Thomas Johnson, located in Brooks, Oregon. newer iris introductions of their own and other select recent introductions.

Schreiner's Gardens  Large well known commercial grower located in Oregon. New iris introductions of their own. Winner of several Dykes Medals, the top AIS iris award.  

General gardening interest: 

I Can Garden - The Canadian Internet Gardening Resource. Canadian content information on gardening; catalogues, garden clubs, plant societies, book reviews and much, much, much more. Very worthwhile site to visit and revisit. Allow lots of time to explore this website. 

Ontario Horticultural Association - the OHA was created by the Province of Ontario in 1906. It is composed of 19 Districts, 277 autonomous local societies over 40,000 members! The OHA is supported by the interest of avid gardeners all across Ontario – from the shores of Lake Ontario to the Shield country of Northern Ontario. Despite the differences in climate and horticultural challenges, the thousands of individual members of OHA have many things in common: love of gardening, deep enjoyment in sharing their knowledge, commitment to preserving and restoring Ontario’s natural environment and dedication to making the communities we live in beautiful, sustainable and liveable.  

Northscaping - leading resource, entertainment and community website for northern landscapers and gardeners living in hardiness zones 1-5. If you are a gardener or landscaper in a northern climate, then you are a Northscaper and Northscaping is your community. Northscapers help each other make the North a beautiful place to live. The Northscaping community is the place where northern gardeners and landscapers meet.  

The Prairie Garden - the website for an annual publication focusing on prairie gardening. The 2014 annual is the 75th edition of the publication.

Horticulture Online - material from Horticulture Magazine. Many varied gardening articles, book reviews, gardening web resources, USDA zone finder, etc., etc.. Changes monthly, good to revisit from time to time. 

GardenWeb Internet Gardening Community- Many resources such as: GardenWeb Forums - comprising the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. Covering more than 90 different plants, regions and topics, the forums allow you to tap the collective wisdom of the thousands of other users who visit GardenWeb each day. You can post queries on plant care or perhaps initiate a discussion on your favorite subject. GardenWeb Directory - a searchable directory providing listings for plant societies, clubs, botanical gardens and other garden-related nonprofit organizations.

The Gardening Launch Pad  - there are over 4000 gardening links within the A-Z categories available at this site. Great starting point to search a garden related topic. From roses to orchids to daylilies to irises to bamboo!

Art and Culture: 

Visit the WebMuseum - Paris and check the various van Gogh iris paintings along with a collection of his entire works. Vincent van Gogh was generally considered to be the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt and he powerfully influenced the current of Expressionism in modern art... and he liked irises! 


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